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Vegetable of the month May - radish
Radish strawberry salad

A refreshingly fruity salad that tastes like summer.

Vegetable of the month April - potato
Potato patties

A delicious update for grandma's boiled potatoes

Vegetable of the month March radish
Roasted radishes with pesto

A delicious stir-fry with pesto - the radish can do it all.

Vegetable of the month February Beetroot
Stuffed red beet

The red tuber in a different way: with filling.

Vegetable of the month January Leek
Leek pasta

Creamy leek pasta - super tasty and freshly prepared.

Vegetable of the month December red cabbage
Red cabbage salad

As a side dish or main course, our refreshing red cabbage salad is just the thing after the hearty holidays.

Stollen Confectionery Christmas
Stollen confectionery

Enjoy Advent with our delicious Stollen Confectionery - discover our recipe video now.

Kale Pesto vegetable of the month November
Kale pesto

Perfect as a pasta topping or to jazz up salads.

Hasselback Hokkaido vegetable of the month October
Hasselback Hokkaido

Ideal in the pumpkin season and quickly cooked in the oven: our Hasselback Hokkaido pumpkin.

Carrot fritters vegetable of the month September
Carrot fritters with couscous

Crispy fritters for lunch or dinner.

Broccoli Energy Balls vegetable of the Month August
Broccoli Energy Balls

The healthy energy kick in between!

Broccoli cheese nuggets vegetables of the month August
Broccoli cheese nuggets

For the perfect vegetarian evening: our delicious nuggets.

Asian Cucumber Salad | TikTok Cucumber
Asian Cucumber Salad

Just the thing for your next barbecue!

Cauliflower rice pilaf
Cauliflower rice pilaf

Cauliflower rice is the perfect low carb alternative to real rice and our pilaf is super easy to prepare.

Spinach smoothie bowl
Spinach smoothie bowl

The right way to start an hot summer day!

asparagus pizza
Asparagus pizza

Asparagus reinterpreted: Try our delicious asparagus pizza!

Wild garlic pogácsa
Wild garlic pogátscha

The tasty change for your barbecue!

Natural Bakery, Bread
Basic recipe bread

You only need a few ingredients for our simple bread recipe.

Lemon balm syrup, recipe
Lemon balm syrup

Pluck fresh herbs and make something with them. How about homemade lemon balm syrup?

tasty stuffed mushrooms, recipe, healthy food
Spiced stuffed mushrooms

Summer is barbecue season! Bring the taste of summer to your garden with the stuffed mushrooma à la Marché.

Vegetables, Salad
Fitness salad with herbs

Kohlrabi, radishes, and spring herbs with a light, creamy dressing – a crisp salad full of summer flavors.

melon smoothie, recipe, summer drink
Tangy melon smoothie

Our summer trio: honeydew melon, lemon, and ginger whizzed together in one power smoothie!

Lemonade recipe
Sage and mint lemonade

We’ve concocted a refreshing lemonade with sage and mint – give it a try!

lemongrass and rhubarb iced tea, recipe
Lemongrass and rhubarb iced tea

Pure refrshment - the taste of summer!

lemonade, refreshing drinks, drinks
Refreshing lemonade

Sparkling lemonades are just the thing for hot days!

Healthy ice cream

Just the thing on hot summer days! Prepared in no time and incredibly delicious.

Bread with tomatoes

Have you already tried your hands at baking bread? Tomato bread will work great even if you are a beginner!

Green Smoothie à la Marché

An extra dose of power.

Strawberry and basil dressing

For a fresh and fruity spring salad.

Time for a tasty, crunchy salad!

Mix you own yogurt herb dressing.

herb salt
Fresh herb salt


  • 500 g sea salt
  • 30 g herbs of your choice*
  • 1 lemon, zested